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Press Release for Book Signing Event in Katy, TX at Katy Budget Books

For Immediate Release: Thursday June 22, 2017

Katy Actress Turned Author - Kristin McKenzie Rice -Book Signing at Katy Budget Books on July 2, 2017

Author of new book titled, “Love What Matters” Explores the Personal Devotion of “Love”
Love What Matters Book by Kristin McKenzie Rice

Katy, Texas June 22, 2017 - Local Actress turned Author, Kristin McKenzie Rice, will be speaking at Katy Budget Books on July 2, 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm about her book, Love What Matters, a 15-week interactive devotional and journal study of the deep meaning and spiritual love described throughout 1 Corinthians chapter 13.
The book, Love What Matters, dives into the subject matter of love from the perspective of Paul’s devotion to the church of Corinth as well as God’s love for His people.
Katy Budget Books located at, 2450 Fry Rd, Houston, TX 77084 will be hosting a book launch and book signing event on July 2, 2017, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.
Books and other items will be available as well as a Toy & Clothing Donation Drive on behalf of Kelli Lane Ministries, which supplies essentials to the West Houston Pregnancy Center. The author will be signing books and taking donations for the center. 

About Kristin McKenzie Rice
While working on an out-of-state project, I learned of my mother’s relapse into stage 4 cancer. This hard time away from family required me to examine the varied definitions of the word love and how to show affection, especially during hurtful moments.
I began writing, journaling, and gathering opinions of those around me; what love meant in a world that has so many wildly different definitions.
After a thorough reading of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 and diving into the different concepts Paul considers a God-like love to be, I began enacting what I could in a place where no one knew me and people thought I was “odd” for even living as joyously as I did.  The entire book, Love What Matters, travels back and forth between The Apostle Paul’s struggles as well as my own regarding loving others and defining a Christ-like love.

About Kelli Lane Ministries 
Kelli Lane Ministries is an organization started by the author’s little sister during a challenging year where she overcame teen pregnancy statistics. Despite trials and being the object of scorn from many “Christians,” she started this ministry to help give items and proceeds to the Crisis Clinic that helped her throughout her journey. She also reaches out to others to help organize items young moms need. Her website, gives a more in-depth testimony. A portion of the proceeds from Love What Matters will go toward her ministry to help spread the love and outreach
About John M. Hardy Publishing
John M. Hardy Publishing, est 1996, headquartered in Houston Texas, is a traditional Independent Texas Book Publisher, focused on Texas Literature, History, Biographies, and managers the Texas Book Publishers Association, publishing the Texas Publishers Quarterly.

Quotes from Readers
“Thought provoking reading that will make you look into your heart to see how you feel and act towards those you love,” Joe Barfield, Award-Winning Author.
“One of the most creative, outgoing, driven, and soft spirited people I've ever met. More than those qualities, she has a huge heart for ministry,” Shannon Self, Motivational Speaker/ Public Figure.
“A practical bottom shelf approach to discipleship, Kristin does a great job reminding us that love can't be defeated,” Brad Graves, Pastor.

Author Kristin Rice (281) 705-8018
John M. Hardy Publishing (281) 438-7500

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