Monday, April 8, 2013

The New Abnormal

A writing I want to share that I eventually would love to turn into a video Blog. I have quite a few writings I hope to one day use for video style Blogs! 
"People try so hard to be "comfortable." But why? We live in a world where “the new normal” makes us as Christians something “abnormal”. If this is so, then being a Christian is now weird and unique right? Seems like everyone is always trying to go for the opposite of what they feel is a trend. Everyone wants to be different. Being different is what’s new, normal, and comfortable. But if comfort is normal, we have just witnessed a huge heart break for a lot of people. So what does this mean for the word comfortable? It means that in discomfort brings abnormality, and in that discomfort is where we find growth, strength, and character. We as Christians are called to be “uncomfortable”. We as Christians (according to Matthew 5:14) are called to be lights, set up on a hill so that all can see the “different” form of life we follow and live by. Sounds like the true unique way of living life is doing it against the odds. Living against what others would typically do. Living in a way that you, are what stands out. Living so that no matter what you do, someone can tell, you are different. So I ask you then, are you comfortable with the way you are living your life? If so, I challenge you. Find a way to be uncomfortable. Find a way to be so disoriented and thrown off that Christ is the only rock you have, the only air you breath, and the only food your soul can grasp. Get out on that hill, turn on your light, and be uncomfortable."

Just to update my friends and family, I want you to know that I am doing well and staying very busy! I wrapped on an Academy Sports and Outdoors commercial as well as an Axe Body Spray internet commercial that will hopefully win rights for a television release. I am still working with the traveling theatre company at Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center called "Books Alive!" Recently I had the pleasure to once again also work on a comedy web mini-series called "Fore!" that is starring Tom Byrum who is a former PGA Tour winner in golf and is directed by Scott Pitney with Watchfore, LLC. I am about to sign with a new Texas based talent agency and am still getting work through my Louisiana agency as well. I leave in a week for California for a few film festivals and will be visiting a few friends and networking in the film industry. One of the short films I was recently a lead role in won a "Best Film" award in a local festival and will be going on to other festivals shortly. The film was entitled Indecision and was written by Trey Dixon of Houston Community College's film department. I have a few projects coming up that I am excited about and when more details come in I will continue to post details on my Facebook page so be sure to click "like" and follow me there! God has definitely blessed me with some pretty amazing people in my life and I am eager to see what happens next! Thank you for the continued support and prayer through it all. Keep the prayers coming, love you all! Peace.