Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year... New Blog.

Hola friends and family,

Just checking in and giving a recent update on projects and life. Since my last Blog I have finished the Share Your True Story project (premiering this semester), started The Love Saga: Romeo project (also premiering this semester), in the process of signing onto a horror film to be shot in Austin, Texas during the month of May (in which I play a victim that fights back against a brutal beating), and have begun subbing at local Katy schools during my occasional free time! During the end of January and most of February I will be traveling all over parts of Texas acting with Soren Bennick Productions performing at elementary schools for an anti- bullying campaign to teach kids how to act and respond to the potential bullying that inevitably takes place in today’s society. I am super excited to join the two man cast and start the traveling process! An update with the KVPAC troupe, our adult three woman show of Approaching Lavender has advanced to State level (first round of competition in Beaumont, Texas) and will perform mid-March in Ft. Worth, Texas representing the first KVPAC adult competition team. I am working with some amazing and talented actresses and am eager to see what happens next! Once I get a break from the current projects, I will be traveling to Louisiana for auditions through my agency as well as a possible April trip to California. God has blessed me with fun opportunities to learn, grow, experiment, and move towards my dream of creating a thriving and successful career in the entertainment industry. Keep me in your prayers and continue to follow my Blog for updates. You can also follow me on Facebook at if you want to see current photos, posters, and stats or you can “like” my IMDB page and check there for SAG credits and festival shorts I have been in. Fingers crossed and prayers up- 2013 is the year!

God bless and get rest,