Monday, October 15, 2012

My Dear Aunt Debbie

Well friends and family, here is another blog for ya! My Aunt recently asked what I have been up to and said she is so confused with everything I am constantly working on. I figured I would take a minute in this blog to explain a few things I currently have in the works. 

For those who missed my projects that took place this summer, I worked on films such as Cops & Robber, Promise, and Consciousness. This summer I also worked at summer camps, began book editing, participated in a few photo shoots, and hit auditioning hard around the Houston area. I had the privilege of meeting and working with Hobie Thompson through Lone Star Digital Media, a company based out of the Dallas area, doing online advertisements and videos; he is also the master mind behind putting together my website. 

During the month of September, I started working with a local Katy Theatre Troupe called Books Alive which is currently traveling and performing a children’s theatre show called Me First! and is based off a book by Helen Lester. This show will be performed through November and takes on venues such as elementary schools, children’s hospitals, and of course at our home base of the Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center near Grace Methodist on Mason road. I am also currently working for a company called Laser Shot that is based out of Sugarland in which we film industrial and scenario training videos for classes in Concealed Hand Gun licensing and Police Academies. I would definitely say the child humor of working with KVPAC and the bloody yet realistic portrayals shot with the training videos continue to keep me well rounded. Also for the month of September, my first edited book, Live For Today was released for internet sales. 

For the month of October, on top of the above mentioned, I am working on editing another book, Moon Shadow’s Revenge, for the local author Joe Barfield. This book, as well as the last one I edited, can be found under my biography page by clicking on the book editing link. This month I have also filmed for a feature film entitled The Protectors which is produced by Shepp Productions in association with Dream Out Loud Studios and is conducting primary shooting in the Clear Lake area. I also just wrapped with a romantic comedy short film entitled Dr. Troolav which was written and directed by Stephen Aganan with Infinite Works Productions and in association with the film department of the Art Institute of Houston. Another recent wrap was a student short film, Indecision, with the Houston Cy-Fair College school system which has an intense story line of death, revenge, and contradicting moral behaviors. Through the University of Houston, I just finished a music video project entitled Not Another Music Video in which a love song encompasses the story of young love going through the stages of first excitement to ending resentment.

Here at the end of October I begin working on a true story documentary through Share Your True Story based off the book From Misery to Ministry which was written by Brian and Leah Foutz and is based on the story of their daughter Victoria. I will be portraying Victoria through the final stages of her life and am beyond touched to have been chosen as a cast member of this project. Blonde hair and brown eyes are two of the physical traits I will be undergoing to contribute to the authenticity of my character and I firmly believe in the faith based message that under goes this story of loss, love, and renewed devotion. 

For the month of November, while continuing work on the other projects, I will begin filming for a series, The Love Saga: Romeo, which will consist of three films completed over the 2012-2013 year. I will be playing the part of Juliet and am incredibly excited for the chance to be part of a modern day adaptation to William Shakespeare’s classic love story. This film will be produced by Lenaeni Films and directed by Fred Emmerson. The second film will be Juliet and the third film is still in the writing stage. The cast and crew for these projects are phenomenal and the production as a whole has many credited actors working aboard. 

I also have a few auditions still coming up, a meeting with a Louisiana talent agent, a 48 hour music video contest, a flash mob, the purchasing of my CHL official membership card, as well as traveling opportunities around Texas for future filming endeavors. I continually pray that God maintains and allows opportunities my way! 

Regardless of how busy my schedule may be, I make sure my family stays first and foremost in all decisions I make. I continue to thank them for their love and support. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to list them below. If for some reason you run into a posting error, make sure you do not have any pop up blockers stopping you from doing so. You can also click the contact tab to the left of this page and shoot me an email. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and hope you will come back to visit my page in the future! 

God bless and stay hydrated.